Halkey Roberts Corporation

Plastic Molding Plant in St. Petersburg, FL

  • 10,600 square foot cleanroom design for medical device molding plant
  • 5,000 square foot cleanroom design of manufacturing space with 5-Ton “Clean” Bridge Crane for molding plant
  • 16,000 square foot Main Manufacturing Area with 5-Ton and 7.5-Ton Bridge Cranes
  • ESFR Fire Suppression in Warehouse
  • Electrical design included one 6000 AMP 208v and one 6000 AMP 480v Electrical Service

Halkey Roberts Corporation is a medical manufacturing company specializing in plastic medical devices like valves and pumps, as well as inflation devices and pressure-relief valves.

In 2005, the company built a new molding plant in St. Petersburg, FL, and ASE was selected as the HVAC Designer and Engineer for the new facility.  The building included both manufacturing and cleanroom space.

plastic molding plant
plastic molding plant