GE Instrument Transformers, Inc

ISO 6 Cleanroom HVAC Remediation & Design

GE Instrument Transformers, Inc. Facility was opened in the spring of 2016 in Clearwater, FL.  The 190,000 SF facility is an expansion to it’s original 40 year old facility.  The facility produces instrument transformers and capacitors for the global market.

ASE was brought onto the design team to troubleshoot and redesign the HVAC systems inside their ISO 6 cleanroom spaces.  The rooms’ temperature requirement of 68F was not being met after the facility’s opening, coming in 10 degrees higher at 78F. ASE provided a quick band-aid solution to get GE into production via utilizing rental units, redirecting capacity from warehouse units, and providing temporary ductwork.  This quick-fix saved the company thousands of dollars in salvaged production time.

After immediate improvements were realized, ASE was awarded the contract to redesign the entire HVAC/Electrical cleanroom systems including new chillers, pumps, AHU’s and controls.