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Cleanroom and Low-Humidity Space Design and Remediation Professionals

We Are

Experts in problem analysis of and design solutions for your humidity and airflow problems

We Are

Family owned and operated. 16 years in business, 75 years of combined experience.

ASE offers HVAC and mechanical remediation and designs solutions for Cleanroom and Low-Humidity Spaces.  We are the Go-To Engineering firm for our local Life Science and Biotechnology Communities.

We specialize in designing and remediating problems for BSL 1-3, Low-Humidity, EU Grade A-D Requirements, ISO 5-8 requirements, API’s, Biologics, OSD, Aseptic Processing, Labs, and Medical Devices.

Our Teams are knowledge, accessible, and well-rounded. We will stop at nothing to find the proper, cost-effective solution for your sick building or we will work alongside you to determine a design solution for your new or remodeled building – all while balancing out your installation costs, maintenance costs, operating costs, redundancy requirements, and classification requirements.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations on every job, every time.

Cleanroom Design & Remediation Specialists

Guaranteed solutions at Guaranteed Prices.

Every job. Every time.

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HVAC Design & Remediation for the Life Science & Biotechnology Communities

We look forward to the opportunity to review your project application and determine the best long-term solution for your facility.

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